Logo TobogãTobogã - Sport, Adventure and Leisure was born in 2005, in order to enable its founders and friends, to work on their election nature sport - canyoning - and simultaneously disseminate it, giving the chance and pleasure of this practice to the highest number of people who like Sports, Adventure and Nature, concepts also included on the name of our company name.

The name "Tobogã" as a company comes from a technical progression of this sport. It is a natural water slide, as you can check on our website and there are various sizes and difficulties. The Tobogã - Sport, Adventure and Leisure, Ltd. is a touristic animation company, specializing in Canyoning, with permit RNAAT No. 50/2007 of the Portugal Tourism Institute.

In 2010, Tobogã begins to develop Accessible Tourism, allowing a unique experience to be given to citizens who often see the doors closed to this type of sports, both because of their characteristics and also because of the associated costs. The goal is to promote healthy living habits, developing activities of low level of difficulty and, above all, educational

We have created an activity for all to EVERYONE!

In 2018 Tobogã starts to develop a new activity, the eBikes, a powerful electric motor on a vitamin mountain bike! The combination of bulky tires in a dynamic 125mm frame and a powerful BOSH electric motor results in an experience that amplifies the best of mountain bikes. Tobogã has adapted eBikes that allow the accomplishment of the activity to people with any type of disability